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Cigar Production

To make a fine handmade cigar requires more than two hundred steps from the planting and tendering of the tobacco seedling to harvest and fermentation to rolling, grading and packaging.  After all the work and care, the finished cigar is ready to make the final leg of its journey from the vega, where its tobacco was raised by way of the cigar factory to your shop and finally your humidor and then into your pleasantest moments.

A Handmade cigar has three parts-the filler, binder and wrapper.  The wrapper gives the cigar its distinctive colour, appearance and aroma and is therefore made from selected leaves fermented separately to the other leaves.  The binder leaf or capote binds the cigar insides.  These leaves come from the top of the plant where its exposure to sunlight gives it coarseness and strength.  At the cigar's core is the filler.  There are three types of filler leaves folded carefully by hand to ensure a good even draw.  Oil and long burning leaves (ligero) to make the burn slow; Lighter (seco) leaves and then finally the (volado) leaves which ensure a good even burn.  How these leaves are blended gives the cigar its distinctive flavours and strengths.

Selecting Cigars
Smoking cigars is an imprecise art and its enjoyment a subjective undertaking.  Your personal taste will ultimately become the standard against which you measure and evaluate a cigar.  No one can dictate your taste, but being exposed to a wide variety of cigars and understanding their respective characters are the ways you cultivate your taste.

Storing Cigars
The 70/70 rules are that you should try to create an environment in your humidor that is 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and 70% humidity.


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