Romeo Y Julieta Romeos No. 2

A Mareva cigar, ring gauge 42, 5 inch length. Box of 25 Cigars.
A cigar that truly lives up to the Monte Cristo name and quality. A standard setting smoke that has a smooth even draw throughout the cigar. Spicy without being harsh

Romeo Y Julieta Romeos No. 3

A Franciscano cigar, ring gauge 40, lenght 4 ½ inches. Box of 25 cigars.
A good smoke for those who do not have the time to spend savouring a longer cigar. It has the body and texture of stronger cigar with the legendary quality of Romeo Y Julieta. A Good cigar for an after-lunch occasion where time may be of the essence.

Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill

Ring gauge 59, length 4.8 inches. Box of 25 Cigars
Medium in strenght. Tastes of tangy orange peels, fragrant wood, fresh herbs, roasted hazelnut and hints of leather. Crisp abundant smoke

Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchill

Ring gauge 55, length 5.1 inches. Box of 10 Cigars.

Surprisingly light smoke for i'ts size, same length as the Short Churchill.  Released in February 2010,