Since 1980, the Trinidad Fundadores has been produced exclusively for Fidel Castro. The only boxes that left Cuba were gifts to foreign diplomats. On February of 1998, the brand was officially launched as an export in Trinidad, Cuba.

The cigars were first made available in Canada and Mexico in April 1998, and later became available to the world market. This line features one size, the Fundadore, which means Founder.

It is similar in size to the Cohiba Lancero, measuring at a ring guage of 40 and a length of 7 and 3/4 inches or 195 mm. Named after one of Cuba's most beautiful cities, the Trinidad is produced only in the El Laguito factory, and packaged in an 'unusual' quantity of 24 cigars as well as in cabinets of 50.

Probably the finest made cigar in the world.

Trinidad Fundadores

Ring gauge 40, length 7 ½ inches. Box of 24 Cigars.
Similar in size to Lanceros but that is where the similarity ends. It has an attractive oily medium brown wrapper, gives a medium rich cedary flavour and draws perfectly with a high aroma. One of the newest cigars on the market and much sought after.

Trinidad Reyes

Ring gauge 40, length 4.3 inches. Box of 24 Cigars.

Trinidad Coloniales

Ring gauge 44, length 5.1 inches. Box of 24 cigars.
Petit corona size with great taste and quality that befits the Trinidad label. Spicey wood flavours with hints of coffee. Launched in 2004 uses the same outstanding leaves from Vuelta Bajao Area in Cuba. Nice to smoke after lunch or with a drink for an interlude.

Trinidad Vigia

Ring gauge 54, length 4 3/8 inches. Box of 12 Cigars
Well rolled, creamy. Mild but with a full aroma and touches of sandalwood.

A really enjoyable smoke with consistency and conformity down to the last draw.

A 94 from Cigar Aficianodo.