Aged, vintage and rare Cuban Cigars
Aged, vintage and rare Cuban Cigars

We are pleased to be able offer the following specially selected and aged Cuban cigars through our sister company Escaparate.  Escaparate maintains a facility with state of the art Air quality, temperature and humidity control. This facility is perfect for long term storage of cigars, allowing them to mature and develop their full potential.  These cigars are all rare and hard to find, some of them were released in extremely limited quantaties.

So please look through our display case and select from some of the world's finest Cuban cigars.


Amigos de Partagas #520 - 2006

Box of 25 Cigars
5 year limited edition selection of the first Montecristo’s stored in a beautiful humidor made of cherrywood and lined with cedar. A selection 10 #2 and 15 Robustos.

H Upmann Habanos Collection - 2007

Ring Gauge 55, Length 6.1 inches, Box of 20 Cigars
20 Magnum Especial wrapped in H. Upmann leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region.

Hoyo de Monterrey Habanos Collection - 2004

Ring Gauge 49, Length 7.8 inches Box of 20 Cigars
20 Lusitanias. The leaves used in the blend come from Hoyo de Monterrey plantation located on the banks of San Juan and Martinez River right in the heart of Vuelta Abajo region. This cigar has a higher taste with great elegance and complexity.

Juan Lopez Short Torpedo Caribbean Regional Edition 2008

Ring Gauge 50, Length 4 Inches
The Juan Lopez Short Torpedo is wrapped in a quality, brown leaf with no visible imperfections. The first third delivers bursts of spices and by the final third the cigar becomes a full-bodied, old-school Cuban with a complex bouquet of pepper, wood and leather.

Montecristo Robustos Limited Edition 2006

Ring Gauge 50, Length 4 7/8th Inches. Box of 25 Cigars
This is a re-release of the Limited Edition of 2001. The Montecristo Robusto starts out medium and turns full for the last third of the cigar.  The flavour is described as medium-full with shades of wood, roasted nuts and both sweet and peppery spices.  

Montecristo 'C' Limited Edition 2003

Ring Gauge 46, Length 5.6 Inches, Box of 25 Cigars
The Montecristo C is a rare find.  This Corona Gorda was released in 2003 as a part of the year’s Limited Edition.  Although originally failing to impress, after a couple of years of absence, the C’s are said to be at their peak and have aged gracefully.  The wrapper is deep brown and veiny, with a few wrinkles.

Montecristo 'D' - 2005 Release

Ring Gauge 43, Length 6 5/8 Inches, Box of 10 Cigars
Box of 10 Dabiasa wrapped in a 2 year aged wrapper.  This cigar packs a powerhouse of flavours, strong coffee and cocoa and burns well.

Partagas Antiguos Replica of 1930's Humidor

Ring Gauge 53, Length 6 Inches, Humidor containing 50 Cigars
50 Partagas Sobresalientes in a handmade humidor with original inlaid design. Replica of a humidor sold in the first decade of the 20th century and is made of mahogany and cedar.

Partagas Series D1 - 2004

Ring Gauge 50, Length 6 3/8 inches, Box of 25 Cigars
As every good Partagas is Habanos, it is representative of the strength and consistence of its blend. Connoisseurs will gladly welcome this size, which is presented with its original Series D band in a dark wrapper. Aficionados enjoy the even burn and perfect draw - this cigar is smooth, rich and has satisfying flavours that include spice, wood, leather and chocolate.

Partagas D3 Limited Edition - 2006

Ring Gauge 46, Length 5.6 inches, Box of 25 Cigars
The Partagas Serie D3 Limited Edition is the most highly rated cigar in the world today and was made in very limited quantities. This hard to find cigar has a fabulously refined and elegant character, yet provides a deep, rich and powerful flavour. Displaying a superior balance with loads of toast, deep spice and hints of nuts, this cigar begins with earthy undertones.